NOFX Frontman’s SXSW “Incident” Revealed As A Hoax

Remember a few months back at South By Southwest when NOFX’s frontman Fat Mike freaked out even the most strident supporters of his band when he dressed up like a clown and passed out free shots of tequila to the audience before a melancholy performance of disturbing stories peppered by acoustic interludes? Then, at the end of whatever that was, he played a video showing him urinating in the tequila bottle right before he went onstage. Yeah, well, it turns out the whole incident was a hoax.

The frontman finally released another video titled “Cokie the Clown’s statement about piss de resistance performance!” which clearly shows that Mike, uh, does his business in one bottle then switches it with a different one before heading onstage (don’t worry, his manhood is blurred out.)

There’s no word yet if this means that Emo’s will lift their lifetime ban on the artist, but we’re guessing that this being the biggest independent punk band in the world, NOFX will have no problem finding another venue to play in Austin.

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