Steven Leaves Lydia Early

Steven has left Lydia effective immediately. He will not be on the band’s farewell tour. A message from him is below:

It is from a place of deep regret and rue I write these words, awash in
disbelief and distant reflection, but friends, I must announce my
immediate departure from Lydia. Do not fret! Lydia is still coming to a
town near you, and I am knee deep in completing my new band’s debut LP.
Irreconcilable differences between myself and remaining original members
have resulted in thick tension at rehearsals. It was finally too small
for the both of us, and someone had to go. I will miss performing these
songs one more time in every city but ultimately my departure from the
tour is the best for all involved, including you fans. There is not a
show nor record nor demo nor chat with a fan I do not look back upon
with only the fondest of memories, our fans truly are unique and I will
continue to deliver the ear candy, always, forever and most importantly,
VERY SOON. Until then, take care, go see Lydia, and keep your ears to
the stars for signs of where I’ll be next.

“On the Eighth Ring of Saturn the Evil in your Hands will be Weighed
against the Intentions of your Heart. You should only be so lucky to
leave The Codone Universe, lest you be Doomed to Float all Time.”

Steven L. McGraw

courtesy of absolutepunk

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