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Such Gold have posted on their official blog regarding the leak of their upcoming album, Pedestals. You can read the blog entry below (or here). Please wait and pre-order the record, these guys deserve it.

Hey everyone! I just want to clarify why we’re a bit pissed about the leak going up. First of all – all of the song titles are wrong…those titles were working and/or joke titles. For those of you that did download the record, here’s the official tracklisting and a copy of the cover art:


1. Cut Rides (aka Intro)
2. Sycamore
3. The Brass Tax (aka Timmy)
4. So Close (aka Fast Cars)
5. Gut Rot (aka 17)
6. Pedestals


2nd – Ben’s acoustic song is not on the record – consider it a bonus. It was released on a digital comp by Either/Or records which can be found here:

3rd – We’re about to put pre-orders up through Smartpunk within the next couple weeks (if all goes according to plan…), and it’s very frustrating to us that we’ve kept the record to ourselves for as long as we have and that it’s being leaked at the completely WRONG time…but that’s the way these things go. We embrace digital downloading, we embrace download blogs like this one…but it’s just not 100% ready to be in everyone’s hands yet.

Keep an eye out on our Twitter ( and Facebook ( for more updates. Thanks for the support, and thanks for understanding.

-Nate | Such Gold

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