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Nick from Hit The Lights recently composed an open letter to fans on what’s currently happening in the band’s life. You can read the letter below:

So we’ve been hanging tough in Woodstock, Maryland in a big, beautiful house in the literal middle of nowhere. Omar and I are balls deep in HALO: REACH, and it’s frikin’ awesome.

We’ve been hard at work on new batches of songs and will be demoing here until early October where we will take our finding and decide if we have enough killer tracks to begin the new HTL record.

In celebration of us all joining forces again after a long break, we have decided to once again resume our weekly podcast, to keep people in the LOOP. If anyone has any questions for me or the band, post them here and we might decide out of the goodness of our cold hearts to answer them.

We know its been a while since new HTL material has surfaced (trust us), but that’s another reason why we know that we have to put out the best record we could ever make. Besides, nobody wants huge, anthemic, epic rock songs in the winter. You’re gonna need the kind of weather that you can put the top down, pull your panties off, slick your hair back and cut old women off in traffic for this record. We don’t want to be background music to “Jingle All the Way”, bottom line. Anyways, “HIT THE LIGHTS SPOOGETASTIC PODCAST” will be arriving Monday afternoon. This shits rated “AWW”, for “AWW naw; white boy did NOT jus’ say dat on dah URR!”. Questions? Leave em’. Comments? Do what you’ve gotta do.


Nick & HTL

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