Jack’s Mannequin vinyl reissue

Jack’s Mannequin will be releasing a vinyl reissue of their full-length, Everything In Transit, on December 7th. The original album hit stores in 2005. New artwork and sequencing will be featured on this new edition along with two new songs. One song is an a cappella version of “Holiday” and the other new song is “La La Lie (West Coast Winter version).” Those who pre-order this vinyl will receive a copy signed my frontman Andrew McMahon. Click here to pre-order.
Side A

1. Holiday From Real
2. The Mixed Tape
3. Bruised
4. I’m Ready
5. La La Lie
6. Dark Blue
7. Miss Delaney
Side B
8. Kill The Messenger
9. Rescued
10. MFEO
11. Into The Airwaves
12. La La Lie  (West Coast Winter version)
13: Holiday From Real (acapella)
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