Tech N9ne to release new “Seepage” EP

After Tech N9ne and fellow artist Kutt Kalhoun received bad news on their recent overseas trip, Tech N9ne has returned to the K.O.D. collection and have started working on his new EP called Seepage. Tech N9ne had this to say:

“I went to my iPod to escape sadness. While going [through] my playlist, I stumbled upon [five] paid for but unused beats from the K.O.D. collection. As much as I wanted to run from them, Seepage was born. To all the people that interview me, I would rather not talk about Seepage simply because I told fans on the Lost Scripts that those would be the last of K.O.D. I thought I could stay clear of K.O.D. but found out there’s no way out totally. So until I can figure out how to balance this thing I’d rather not speak on it due my lack of understanding.”

Pre-orders for Seepage will start on September 28th.

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