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In today’s world, one can record an album at home that sounds nearly as good production wise as the biggest selling rock band’s latest release for pennies on the dollar. While that is wonderful breakthrough for technology (and consumerism), it also allows those never destined for a recording studio a chance to defy the general populace (as well as their better judgment) and record whatever they believe the masses need to hear. This has lead to the slow, but painfully real death of the “underground senstation.” Whereas even five years ago a band would create one or two social networking pages for basic exposure as they do today, BUT they had to EARN fans and tour to make ends meet. Now you can click 7-12 buttons and have half a dozen social networking sites, as well as a merch store, up and running before school. There’s no buildup anymore and whatever “excitement” national acts can conjure through their viral marketing is also beginning to die because there’s no reason to wait as another 24 bands begging for your attention have new material waiting to be heard now! It’s become a game of who can get your attention vs. who deserves it and those truly talented, who are also the ones generally choosing to do less with social networking than more, quickly get left in the proverbial e-dust. However, every now and then, a band comes through the digital wall of anonymity and becomes a name burned onto the tip of your tongue that you can’t wait to tell your friends about. The Coming Weak is/was that kind of band.

You may recall The Coming Weak from the last UTG Sampler (we also streamed their previous release on a former version of the site), but we aren’t the only ones hoping on this group’s bandwagon. Having also already been featured in Alternative Press, as well as posts on Absolutepunk and Alter The Press, The Coming Weak made it a point to market themselves strongly (and did so well), but never at the cost of musicianship. Their latest/final, self-titled, effort plays like an anthem for a generation that doesn’t want change, but demands it and while the subtlety of some tracks may lead you to think differently at first, I can promise a single moment with the lyricism that escape’s Tim White’s lips will change your mind. His vocals might as well be an atomic bomb for your heartstrings as they pack an intensity that shakes mountains and rattles bones.

Sadly, The Coming Weak have announced their final show will take place on December 10 at at the Met in Pawtucket, Rhode Island (thus the reason for this stream). I wanted to take a moment before getting to the stream to make a special note about this band because while I believe in every act we feature here on UTG, I’ve rarely felt as connected to a group as I do with The Coming Weak. This record is not only the result of pure talent, but also an indescribable amount of hard work and I couldn’t be more excited to share it with all of you. Enjoy.

The Coming Weak – The Coming Weak by underthegunreview

For more details on The Coming Weak’s final show, click here. To purchase this album (for only $5), click here.

Written by: James Shotwell

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