Fairweather announces reunion show

Equal Vision’s Fairweather have announced plans to play their first show in 8 years on May 14. The show will feature the full line up of Jay Littleton [vocals], Peter Tsouras [guitar, vocals], Ben Green [guitar, vocals], Shane Johnson [drums], and Ben Murphy [bass], performing at Black Cat in their hometown of Washington D.C. A statement from the group regarding the reunion can be read below:

“Fairweather was everything to us for a number of years. It was practically our entire existence. So, when we did stop, it was nice to focus on other parts of our lives for a change. It was only in the past year or two that we started talking about how much fun it would be to play together again,” states Tsouras.

“I was a little curious how a practice would go after such a long break from playing Fairweather songs. Now that we’ve done it I can tell you it was one of my favorite experiences in recent memory. It’s amazing to me how comfortable and awesome it still is to play loud music with my friends,” adds Littleton. “To put it simply, the reunion show is all about having fun. We’re also excited to reconnect with our fans since they were always such a big part of what made playing in Fairweather such a memorable experience.”

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