STREAM: SL Jones – Michael Jordan

I always knew MJ would become a hip hop reference point, but never would I have guessed SL Jones would be the one to coin the term (probably because I have no idea who SL Jones is). Click below to stream the reissue cut, “Michael Jordan.”

The reissue will be a 15-track project titled The Number 23: Editor’s Cut, and will be available both for free download and for purchase through all digital retailers. Look below for Jones’ description of the record:

“”Michael Jordan is a great example of someone exploiting their talents with a strong business sense; nobody benefited from MJ’s talents without him being involved in the decision. And as a result, long after his basketball career is over, he still remains one of most, if not the most, relevant brands in the NBA — and in sports. The original title of the mixtape, The Number 23, didn’t have anything to do with Michael Jordan, or sports at all — it was a reference to my Little Rock neighborhood 23rd and Wolfe Street, but MJ is the original Number 23, and this song is me showing my respect and adoration for what he was able to build. Not to mention, Lex Luger on the beat — a no brainer.”

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