Kelly Clarkson reveals album title

The original American Idol has announced the title and release date of both her fifth studio album, and her newest single. The album will be called Stronger, and will be hitting stores on October 25. It seems so far away, doesn’t it?

Clarkson’s lead single, meanwhile, is called “Mr. Know It All,” and will be debuted during a live webcast on Clarkson’s website on August 30. Now that’s a more reasonable wait time!

To make the wait even more exciting, an Australian entertainment retailer got to listen to the new song. And they loved it. In fact, the song was described as “bloody phenomenal.”

It should be noted, for anyone who claims to have heard leaked tracks from Stronger online, that the entertainment retailer claims that none of the leaked songs will actually be on the album. That can be bad or good news, depending on whether you loved the songs or absolutely hated them. And whether you love Clarkson or couldn’t care less, any song described as “bloody phenomenal” deserves a listen!

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