MOVIE TRAILER: The Woman In Black (Starring Daniel Radcliffe)

Everyone involved, well, those seriously involved in the Harry Potter films now face the biggest challenge of their career: Rising above Potter. You see, much like the plight of Harrison Ford following the original Star Wars trilogy, the main cast, especially Daniel Radcliffe, will now forever be under the shadow that was Harry Potter. This isn’t exactly a bad thing by any means, everyone performed well in the series and now have throngs of fans, but it does make their next career moves extremely important.

Perhaps the person that will feel most affected by the post-Potter world is Daniel Radcliffe. Even though he has worked outside of Potter in recent years, including his turn on the theater stage, he still has a great distance to go and body of work to build before he’s thought of to most as anyone other than Harry Potter. Lucky for Radcliffe, his next film looks to be a great first step at distancing himself from the world he’s been associated with for so long.

The Woman In Black, a UK thriller about a small town and the ghost that roams the land, is scheduled to arrive in theaters February 2012. You can view the first teaser, which sent shivers down my spine, below.

If this is a sign of what Radcliffe still has to offer, something tells me he has a long and rewarding career ahead of him.

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