Boosie associate accused of drug dealing

An associate of Lil Boosie was accused of smuggling codeine to the rapper in Angola State Prison. Titus Franklin was placed under surveillance after the East Baton Rogue District Attorneys Office got word of threats against Hillar Moore, lead prosecutor against Boosie. The surveillance revealed that Franklin and a man named Arthur Stewart were attempting to bring the codeine into Angola.

A judge then denied Franklin’s request for bail and immediately sent him to prison. The judge stated that Franklin was a convicted drug dealer who had been imprisoned multiple times for felony drug arrests. In fact, in less than two years Franklin has posted bail on six separate occasions, resulting in a sum of about $450,000!

Boosie, meanwhile, is serving a 10 year sentence for possession of marijuana. He was only expected to serve 2-3 years of that sentence; however, it doesn’t look like he’ll be out any time soon. Lil Boosie has been indicted on the crime of first-degree murder. The rapper is accused of hiring a 16-year-old–Michael Louding–to kill 35-year-old Terry Boyd in October 2009. Louding is also facing charges of murder for gunning down another rapper, Christopher “Nussie” Jackson, allegedly at the request of Boosie (plus $15,000).

Prosecutors against Boosie have not yet decided whether or not to seek the death penalty.

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