Busta Rhymes speaks about closing Lil Wayne’s LP

Busta Rhymes considers it a “blessing” to be the closing voice on Lil Wayne’s forthcoming LP, Tha Carter IV. He recently spoke about his experience working with Lil Wayne, and the respect he has for Weezy. The LP has already been leaked–including the closing song with Busta Rhymes–but comes out officially directly after the MTV Video Music Awards, with physical copies becoming available in stores on august 29.

If you’ve heard the leak, you’re one step ahead of Busta Rhymes. The rapper said,

I didn’t hear it yet. I was told recently that it was me, him, Shyne and Bun B. I was told they put me last on the record as well. I close out the entire album. Again, the blessings continue to manifest. I haven’t heard the record yet, but knowing Wayne, its put together in the absolutely most stellar way it could be put together.

Buta Rhymes also described himself as “a big, big, big Wayne fan,” expressing his admiration for his work ethic and innovation.

You can read the full story here.

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