THE DROP: Damu LP on the way, SW4 Heads Up, Free stuff from Ghetto Funk.

The evolution of Under The Gun Review continues this week with the sixth installment of our latest electronica feature, The Drop. Written weekly by resident basshead Jake White, The Drop is your go-to source for weekly electronic/dubstep/techno news!

If you’re an emerging talent in this area or have a news tip you’d like to see featured, contact us! Write with the subject “Drop” and we’ll get you or your news featured as soon as possible!

Hello again, and welcome to The Drop: where every Friday Bassheads just like you get a full-on fix of filth. The bass dispensary has been restocked, my filthy friends, so step inside (no cameras, please), have a look around, and let us burn this shit!

First, the news:

  • Damu LP Announced

[soundcloud url=”″]
There’s a new LP on the way from Damu, his debut in fact! Damu’s style is trippy and gliding, with silky synths, undulating bass rhythms, and zone-out vocals. He’s due to release the twelve-track album, dubbed Unity, through the London-based label known as Keysound. In the interest of staying interesting, Damu has given away the right to listen to “Breathless,” track number two off of the upcoming release. Give it a listen!


  • Subscape EP Announced

This is a preview track from the forthcoming release, Universal, due out September 5. Get your pre-orders in here!


  • South West Four Weekender 2011

Another of the UK’s renowned music festivals is approaching quickly, and tickets are running thin! SW4 is HUGE this year, with a killer lineup featuring Pendulum, Magnetic Man, Sub Focus, Joker, Andy C, Shy FX, Breakage, Modeselektor, and many more. Saturday tickets are already sold out, but you can still get your hands on a few for Sunday here!


  • Girl Talk is getting around like a bad rumor.

Na-na-na-na-na. It’s the one and only Girl Talk, and he’s playing a handful of locations for you guys to jump in on. Here are the dates, the first one being particularly interesting.


Okay, okay. On to what you’re all here for- free speaker fodder!


  • FREE MIX DOWNLOAD: Paul Master & MC Kitch – Step into Our World Vol. 1

[soundcloud url=”″]
Here are two of Ghetto Funk’s crew, trading off, tagging out, dueling… whatever you want to call it- they’re dropping fat beats!


  • FREE MIX DOWNLOAD: Slynk – Shambhala Fractal Forest LIVE 2011

[soundcloud url=”″]
Another Ghetto Funker, DJ Slynk mixes funky familiar grooves, mo-town moods, and bassy booms into the perfect funky concoction. All of these tracks go down so smooth, your ass will chastise you for resisting the beat. Go ahead; I dare you to not like this mix!


  • FREE SONG DOWNLOAD: Nag Nag Nag – She’s A Pain (Christine Remix Live Edit)

[soundcloud url=”″]
A little Talking Heads twist, a little Benny Benassi bass, a whole lot of Kick… Who could ask for more? Grab this Middle Finger freelease (heh, you like that?) before all your friends have it!


  • FREE EP DOWNLOAD: Black Is Not A Colour – Learning To Teach

[soundcloud url=”″]
This is a free EP, though from a more conservative perspective it’s a single. It’s five tracks, but it’s technically two¬ tracks, one of which has been remixed no less than thrice. Whichever way you want to look at it, skimpy EP vs. generous single, it’s free. It’s got all that sick shit we love (also guitars) so grab it up! Here’s a sample, grab the whole download right n’yah.


  • FREE SONG DOWNLOAD: Nero – Crush On You (Knife Party Remix)

[soundcloud url=”″]
Hey, it’s only been a week since that MASSIVE Nero LP, Welcome Reality came into our hands, and this remix already blows the original track clear of the fuckin trees, my friends. You’d be shaming your family not listen to this banging interpretation of the still-so-sweet and fresh Nero track. Check it out, and download it!


  • FREE SONG DOWNLOAD: Rostik – Liquid (Blastoize Remix)

[soundcloud url=”″]
Rostik recently held a remix competition for their track, “Liquid.” Blastoize felt confident enough to submit this little gem, which is available for free download. Not half bad, Blastoize, keep up the good work!


  • NEW MUSIC VIDEO: 16 Bit – Dinosaurs

This video is like superjail on meth. It’s a supremely trippy color-fest. It’s a prehistoric blood-orgy. It’s absolutely wicked, and so is the song. Watch, listen, and succumb to the overpowering awesomeness that is “Dinosaurs.”


Okay, my bass-minded family of friends, that is all for today. I hope all of you are satisfied with the bass that I managed to dig up this week, and let’s hope that this bag gets you through ‘till next Friday, right? Until then, may all of you find bass and happiness… Peace!

Jake W

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