The Ocean US touring plans are no more

The Ocean cannot catch a break these days. It seems that the group was planning on coming to North America in October, had their flights booked and now touring plans have been moved into late November and December. This is a huge problem for The Ocean.

The Metal Blade Records band were really excited to get to the US and now their plans are dust. View the official message from the band by looking past the jump.

“Today is a shit day. Our upcoming US tour just fell apart. We had been confirmed for quite a while for a direct support slot on a good 6-weeks US tour in October and November, and yesterday it was decided that this tour is now being postponed to late November into December. We are not available at that time. Our flights to the US have already been booked for weeks, and we’ve been left high and dry again… somehow we’re just not lucky over there it seems!”

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