THE DROP: Loads of free filth, funk and fun!

The evolution of Under The Gun Review continues this week with the eighth installment of our latest electronica feature, The Drop. Written weekly by resident basshead Jake White, The Drop is your go-to source for weekly electronic/dubstep/techno news!

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What up, Bassheads? Another week has passed, and it now seems that the morning air has a foreboding chill to it. I don’t know about you, but I’m pissed about it! That’s why I’ve got an extra hefty diaper full of filth for you all today. Today our big bag of bass is stuffed with sick laser guns, wobbly disaster-pieces, and groovy funk blasters to befoul, then soothe your soul. Bassheads… I dare say today’s is a ripe harvest indeed. So I know what’s going through that bass-deprived skull cavity of yours: Bring on the bass, already!
Well, alright then- I can’t in any good conscience keep a fellow sub-fiend waiting. I say we quit messing around and rage. Shall we rage? I think let’s rage.


• FREE SONG STREAM: Pretty Lights – Kanye West All Of The Lights Remix
[soundcloud url=”″]
Straightforward remix here from Pretty Lights. This is a fun track.


• FREE SONG STREAM: Coven – Whoopi’s Back In The Habit
[soundcloud url=”″]
I’d never heard of Coven before this one, and unfortunately I can’t find a download for it. Keep your head on a swivel for this UK kid. The track has a wide dynamic field and a remarkably varied array of sounds and textures that all seem to play together with both precise elegance and brutal force.

• FREE SONG STREAM: Porter Robinson – The State (SKisM Remix)

Porter Robinson is ascending quickly through the dub/dance ranks (no small thanks to his pal Sonny Moore). I recently saw Porter perform with Sonny (a.k.a. Skrillex, if you haven’t seen daylight in a few months) and Zedd, and I’m not gonna lie… the little bastard can hold the rails down like an iron dragon. SKisM is damn good too.


• FREE MIX STREAM: Knife Party (Exclusive Artist Mix)

This is an awesome fifteen minute mix, thrown down by the mighty hand of Knife Party. Throw this one on while you’re doing something else with your hands… Hey, I’m not here to judge.


• FREE SONG DOWNLOAD: Paper Diamond – Can We Go Up
[soundcloud url=”″]
If you’re looking for some crowd-pumping electro, look no further. Drop this one on the floor once everyone’s all nice and warm and watch the bodies bounce. Paper Diamond has a new EP on the way called Paragon, so be on the lookout for that. In the meantime, you should download his Levitate EP for free. Steampunk cover art included!



• FREE SONG DOWNLOAD: Wah Zap! Ordem e Progresso (Original Mix)
[soundcloud url=”″]
Uh ohhh, Wah Zap! has just shit on everyone with this hardcore dubstep banger! This is an excellent work, and an exemplary piece of true filth. The beat grinds like the greasy gears of a genocide factory. The bassline skewers your ribcage with the gentle warmth of a drill-press. The ambience fills what void is left with hopelessness, and the melodies turn you under their treads with the hesitation of a panther. This song makes me want to grab my gas mask.


• FREE SONG DOWNLOAD: Dot JPEG – Invasive Therapy
[soundcloud url=”″]
Are you going to get a shovel, or are you just going to sit there and watch me heave all of this filth by myself? Dot JPEG is fresh on my radar, but I’d say he’s made it perfectly clear that he doesn’t know the meaning of the phrase, “fuck around.” If he can dish ‘em out like this and right quick, we may have another contender on our hands, oh friends.


• FREE SONG DOWNLOAD: 6ING6 – CrispyFlakes .2
[soundcloud url=”″]
Are your ears bleeding yet, kids? Or should I say: are you satisfied, bassheads? Now that you’ve been blasted with so much filth that you can scarcely walk straight, how about we chill down a little bit?


• FREE SONG DOWNLOAD: sMILOdon – Watts (Skytree’s Unity rebuild)
[soundcloud url=”″]
This one should bake your noodle, if it isn’t already fried. Headphones recommended. The style of this one is cleverly progressive, and the artistic hand in Watts’ words fit profoundly with the musical tapestry they’ve been so intuitively laid-upon. This song is more than a song; it’s a message that transcends its medium. It’s a glorious, audible painting, with brushstrokes of sound upon a canvas of time.


• FREE SONG DONWLOAD: Adele – Someone Like You (Bassex Bootleg)
[soundcloud url=”″]
Hmm, I’ll take it.


• FREE SONG DOWNLOAD: Cahb – In Our Moment
[soundcloud url=”″]
The beat for this track is right on the money, and the vocals and ambient keys bookend the beat with pleasing absoluteness. Again, headphones are recommended for this hang-glider track, unless you have studio monitors, of course. In which case, I believe the proper setting is eleven. Fie on the neighbors!


• FREE SONG DOWNLOAD: Danny Massure – Heatwave Jamboree (Naughty By Nature & Tommy McCook)
[soundcloud url=””]
Alright, we’ve been wobbled and we’ve been baked… How about we cheer ourselves back up again with some groovy funk?


• FREE SONG DOWNLOAD: YES KINGS – Secret King (Mr Bird Re-mizzle)
[soundcloud url=””]
And here’s some groovier funk. What now, frowns?


• FREE SONG DOWNLOAD: Ben Chemikal – Sine Language (Vocal Mix)
[soundcloud url=””]

Check it! Sweet track from Ben Chemikal here, with a clever name too. Get it? Sine? Because of all the waves, fool!


• FREE SONG DOWNLOAD: James DB – Superman joins the dots (Make It Funky Edit)
[soundcloud url=””]

This number has such soul. It’s a feel-good track, reminiscent of some sort of Steely Dan/Motown lovechild… garnished with rolling, confident rhymes that set off the Sunday-morning-sweetness with ghetto attitude. In a few seconds, take a look at your own booty… it should be grooving away nicely.


• FREE SONG DOWNLOAD: A. Skillz – ABC (A. Skillz Remix)
[soundcloud url=””]

Yeah, so ahhh… here’s this. It had me in one listen, and I suggest you incorporate it into your party mix soon. A. Skillz proves his chops with this- the subtle additions do little to change the original context of the song. But, as they are expertly selected, they draw attention to the old classic in a new and exciting, energetic and fresh way. A. Skillz draws parallels between several generations, and captures us all in one way or another here. This is an expression of real, modest talent: It’s not too much, and it’s in all the right places.


• FREE SONG DOWNLOAD: The Chaotic Good ft. The Manor – WYLA
[soundcloud url=”″]

Every release I come across from The Chaotic Good pulls me closer and closer into their grasp. You will likely be hearing a lot more from them in the near future, so keep your ears peeled. Go download their EP from last year, Synesthetic, for free here.


• FREE SONG DOWNLOAD: Basto – Gregory’s Theme (Obscenity Remix)
[soundcloud url=”″]

One last melodic piece to wind down with, bassheads… this one from Obscenity. To be fair, I’ve never heard the original, but this is already enough for me. I give it the ‘decent filth’ seal of approval. The track has legs, but it’s not, in my humble opinion, completely developed. It has flavor, and it’s fun to listen too-  maybe this will give some of you producers out there some real inspiration? Download it for keepsies below.



Well there you have it, brothers and sisters, a heaping helping of bass for your listening pleasure. I’m all out of material for this week, but I’ll be here again next friday with a hot, fresh pile for you all over again. I hope you all enjoy the weekend, and may the bass be with you!


Jake W

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