Mark Hoppus speaks out about ‘Neighborhoods’ leak

Mark Hoppus has spoken out about Blink-182‘s forthcoming album, Neighborhoods, being leaked this morning. The album wasn’t set to be released until September 27 and everyone was so surprised to find it readily available to them.

Check out what he had to say past the jump and let us know what you think of all this craziness.

Hoppus stated:
“natives, after midnight, MH 4.18.2011, kaleidoscope, and wishing well are the songs written after the postponement of the tour.

yes, it’s a different mix. (In reference to “Hearts All Gone”)

no, it wasn’t us. from what i can determine, it looks like it leaked in russia first. i fell asleep at 4am, and for no reason woke up at 7, with a weird premonition. i checked my twitter and there it was.”

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