REVIEW: Into It. Over It. – Proper

Artist: Into It. Over It.
Album: Proper

Label: No Sleep

Genre: Indie/Rock

Into It. Over It’s Evan Weiss seems to be a busy man. After undergoing two projects; 52 Weeks, a project which saw Weiss write a new song every week for a year, and then Twelve Towns, a series of songs influenced and based by Weiss’ travels, and released through numerous split ep’s. Add to that last years split record with Koji, and you should understand how busy and devoted Weiss is. With such a heavy output, you would he’d want to take a break but as dedicated as ever, Weiss has gone back into the studio to record his first full-length, which is coincidentally titled Proper.

Whereas previous releases have come across as stripped with just Weiss and his guitar, Proper takes on a more full-band route with “Embracing Facts” showing this from the start. Dense, steady drums and dwindling electric guitars serve as background to Weiss’ distorted yet warming voice. It’s a short introduction yet is straight to the point, which nicely gives way to the thriving “Discretion & Depressing People.” It’s a track that showcases Weiss’ superb songwriting ability and how it neatly merges with a indie rock/90’s emo sound, that has a slight edge with a sensible pop-like structure. It’s a characteristic that pops up throughout.

Although it could be considered that the full band approach may distract listeners from Weiss’ lyrics, tracks like “Fortunate Friends” and “Write It Right” benefit from it. The latter is a fast-paced and energy number with slick guitar lines that enhance Weiss’ words. In contrast, “Connecticut Steps” is slower with a steady build-up and light drum work, allowing Weiss’ voice to be given full attention.

As always, Weiss doesn’t pigeon-hole himself in terms of style or genre. Whilst he thankfully doesn’t go experiment far too much, there is still enough variation to keep you interested and on the whole, it adds to the momentum and consistency of ‘Proper.’ It is a record that comfortably fits inbetween the realms of pop-punk (see “P R O P E R”), indie rock (“An Evening With Ramsey Beyer”), rock, and 90’s emo (“Where Your Nights Often End”).

Overall Weiss along with producer Ed Rose (The Get Up Kids) have produced a concise, thorough collection of steady-paced rock songs that have plenty of lyrical substance. In addition these songs have sensibly taken on a full and more well-rounded sound, one that continuously compliments Weiss’ distinctive voice. However this new approach, at times, looses the intimate and personal touch Weiss has pulled off in previous releases. Although fans of that direction will enjoy the comforting closing track, “The Frames That Used To Greet Me.” A short, acoustic and timid number that is a clear reminder to why fans, both old and new, continue to support Weiss and Into It. Over It. For those fans, Proper is the natural next step that doesn’t abandon Weiss’ origins and ideas but incorporates them brilliantly and them enhances them, to the point where you realise Weiss’ songwriting ability is incredible and unique and has plenty of longevity.

SCORE: 9/10
Review written by: Sean Reid

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