Are You Ready For “Dead Island: The Movie”?

Video games aren’t for everyone, but they’re definitely a second passion for most the UTG staff. One of this season’s biggest games, Dead Island has just been acquired by Lionsgate and it seems the most obvious adaptation in video game history is now one step closer to being a reality.

According to an article on Slashfilm, Lionsgate won the bidding war to over the game, which has raged since its initial viral debut in early 2011 (see below). Sean Daniel, the guy who was originally reported by HitFix to be the first rights buyer, will produce the film. The idea is to make Dead Island “an innovation of the zombie genre because of its focus on human emotion, family ties and non-linear storytelling.”

For those unaware (and can’t connect the dots), Dead Island follows a group of survivors fending off zombies on a now deserted island getaway destination (ridiculously over-the-top hotel and all). Like any adaptation, we’re guessing the flick won’t remain too true to the game, but we’ll take any excuse to see more high budget zombie carnage.

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