REVIEW: Molotov Solution – Insurrection

Artist: Molotov Solution
Album: Insurrection
Genre: Metal
Label: BlkHeart Group

I’m not a lazy man, at least I’d like I think I’m not, I work several jobs, I’m decently active, fairly industrious, and I’m never opposed to taking on something new, but as always, it’s the first step that’s always the hard part. Starting my homework, the first sentence of a review, and so on, that said, nothing I’ve ever done in my life to date has ever been as hard as getting myself motivated to go to the gym. And it’s not even the actual act of working out, that’s not a problem, once I’m there, I can motivate myself to do anything, but actually convincing myself to get out of my house and too the gym? Nigh on impossible. But I have managed to devise a flawless plan, one that has never failed me once; Parkway Drive. If I ever need something to get me off my lazy ass, and to the gym, which I always do, I turn to Horizons, it not only gets me out of the door, but when I get to the gym, I just put it on repeat, and I’m good to go there, as well. But I know that’s going to get old one day, and then, based on my non-dramatized theory of the results, I’m never going to the gym, and I’m going to get horrifically fat, and that wouldn’t be good. I need a backup, but I was never exactly sure what I could use for such a thing, nothing was ever quite up to the task, everything else I tried always ended up with me, at home, playing Mario Kart. But this week, after I was assigned Insurrection, the new album from Molotov Solution, I think I may have something that has finally made it into the running once Parkway Drive doesn’t get me going the way it used to.

There are any number of bands that I could use to, in a sense, actually accomplish something, but they don’t quite do it for me, I always get bored halfway though the album, or I just find it too boring. But initially, I thought Incurrection would be something different, “Sin & Sacrifice” began with a perfect, though stereotypical swell, which lead into the song itself, which was downright filthy, in a way that takes more than just drop-tuning guitars to accomplish. Good start in my book. However, I wasn’t quite sold on the vocals. Initially, it wasn’t an issue, but as the song continued on, I started to wonder if they would eventually start to bore me. They weren’t bad, from from it actually; there were very gritty, deep, and heavy, they fit perfectly with the music, but managed to stand out sufficiently as well. But the problem was that they were always like that, there was rarely any use of midrange or high screams, or really anything dynamic or varied from the solid, yet constant lows. However, they never really came to bore me, though the concern that they might was nearly enough. If the screams weren’t that great, this would have been a serious problem, but since they’re quite good, it’s merely a slight qualm. But all said, that’s not much to complain about really. The vocals may begin to drone on at some point, but the instrumentals always keep the album interesting, and with songs like “The Final Hour” featuring Adam Warren of Oceano, or “Divide & Conquer”, I’m willing to forgive an inconsequential degree of monotony.

Now, I’m not yet sure if that little niggle is enough to really irritate me as I continue to listen to this album, but they haven’t yet, so it’s not nearly as big of a deal as I may have presented it to be. The instrumentals are extremely interesting and dynamic, while still being absurdly heavy, the album never lags or drags on, and the screams are actually very well done. But when I work out, I need absolutely anything to get mad at, and after much digging, I may have found something. But I’m inclined to believe that it will never bother me, nor should it bother anybody listening to Insurrection. I’m pretty sure I’m just looking for another reason to be lazy, and I’m not quite sure I’ll find it with this album.

Reviewed by: Mike Hogan

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