Former Ramones Bassist Turned Down Metallica

Former Ramones bassist, CJ Ramone a.k.a Christopher Ward has turned down the chance to join Metallica.  CJ joined The Ramones in 1989 to replace the infamous Dee Dee Ramone. After Metallica bassist Jason Newsted left the band, Metallica approached CJ in hopes he would fill the void.  He honorably turned down the position due to his son’s recent autism diagnosis.

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Ward had this to say, “Johnny (Ramone) was actually the one who hooked me up with the audition because he was friends with Kirk Hammett. I talked to my son’s doctor and explained the opportunity and that I could bring my family out on the road and even hire a nurse. The doctor just told me that my son needed to wake up in the same place every day and that anything other than that could be a detriment. I was honored that they asked me but there was just no way I could do it.” Ward stated he has no regrets about his decision but did say playing with Metallica would have been fun.

Look for Metallica’s upcoming collaboration album with The Velvet Undergrounds front-man Lou Reed, Lulu, which is scheduled to release October 31.

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