UTG Reader Comments On BMTH Incident, Posts HQ Fight Video

The story of the day has quickly become whatever the hell happened last night between Bring Me The Horizon frontman Oli Sykes and a group of concert goers in Salt Lake City, Utah. At first, it seemed like Sykes was asking for it, then he downplayed the story altogether, but one UTG reader has written us with yet another version of the events.

Commenting on an earlier post regarding this story, one of our readers commented “i was at the concert and i have my own video up of what happend “bmth vs straight edge gang” … his story is true it wasnt the bottle that pissed him off it was all the straight edge kids who were fighting throughout the entire show. olli simply told them that if they didnt like the band then not to go to the show … i have a feeling these straight edge kids knew why they were going to the show in the first place …. to cause chaos … these kids are second generation straight edgers from here in slc.”

We are not claiming this statement to be more true or false than Sykes’, but wanted to share another viewpoint on the night’s events. Additionally, this user was kind enough to let us post his footage of the event, which gives us a much clearer view of the fight. Click through to see the chaos unravel.

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