Angels & Airwaves ‘Love II’ Album Details

Angels & Airwaves recently announced that they are going to be putting out their upcoming album, Love II, on their own label, To The Star Records. Love II has an official release date of November 11.

There will be various deluxe edition box sets that includes Love (album), Love (film) and many more options. A full press-release with further information about this box set can be viewed by simply clicking through the jump.

Fans will have a variety of choices when they step into AVA’s world on 11-11-11, with LOVE Part Two available for purchase as an album on its own, or in a variety of packages: a standard version that contains both LOVE Part One and LOVE Part Two albums; a deluxe version with both LOVE albums plus the 85-minute LOVE movie on DVD; a package that upgrades the deluxe version with a 128-page comic book based on the movie or adds a limited-edition t-shirt; plus a package (limited to 25) that contains a signed, customized TD Epiphone guitar similar to the one frontman Tom DeLonge uses during his performances.

The album’s lead radio single is the anthemic “Surrender,” while the band has already released a high-tech video for “Anxiety,” which was filmed at the state-of-the-art Sky Church venue at Seattle’s Experience Music Project Museum, boasting the world’s largest indoor video screen and a 48,000-Watt sound system. So far, “Anxiety” has received more than 500,000 views online, including over 350,000 views in the first week alone.

The band first gave the public a taste of LOVE Part Two on August 10th, when Angels & Airwaves Presents LOVE Live hit silver screens. Beginning with an introduction from DeLonge, who also served as executive producer of the feature film, the evening featured a screening of the thought-provoking feature, which Variety praised as “an impressive show of imagination and design…” As part of the band’s vision for crossing over into different mediums, AVA also created the soundtrack for the film. Angels & Airwaves then took to the stage for a live performance of three songs, and finally debuted the music video for “Anxiety.”

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