Nicki Minaj Collects Paycheck, Guests On Willow Smith Song

Yesterday, Willow Smith released the follow-up to “Whip My Hair,” a Nicki Minaj-assisted tune entitled “Fireball.” At first, I wasn’t going to say anything about it. She’s ten and, sometimes, we know how to bite our tongue.

Then I realized my frustration has nothing to do with Willow Smith and thus, needed to post. I understand that, generally speaking, no one is claiming Nicki Minaj to be a “real MC,” but why the hell is she guesting on a song with a ten-year-old child? She’s one of the most successful artists in the past year, is there really that much need for another paycheck? Further, what does it say about Will and Jada’s desire for the kids to be famous that they’d recruit an artist whose ENTIRE body of work is based off her ability to twist a phrase about her sex appeal and/or sex life in general? I mean, you wouldn’t let a ten-year-old enjoy Minaj’s music, right?

The whole thing is reeks of celebrity ego overload and the continued downward spiral of mainstream music. You can hear this debacle for yourself after the jump, if you dare.

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