THE DROP: New 16Bit Single, Skrillex Streams, and More Free Tracks!

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Hello and welcome to another Friday filth-fest! I know you’ve been waiting a long time for this, but trust me, I’m sure you’ll be satisfied with the bassy bliss I managed to dig up this week. Now bear with me. I know your chomping at the bit to get at this fresh bass music while the blood is still warm, but I must warn you: the first few songs we’re kickin softcore today. Just stream only. Agony, I know! But fail you I did not, basheads, for what follows is nothing but pure, free mp3 gold. I wont keep you waiting, here there be music!


  • FREE SONG STREAM: Skrillex – The Disco Rangers Bus (Knows How To Rock n Roll)

[soundcloud url=”″]
Awww, Skrillex. You shouldn’t have! Oh wait… it’s a stream. Okay, okay, the stream will hold me over for now. It seems like Skrill can’t touch a track without turning it to happy, filthy disco gold. Listening to Skrillex almost makes you want to  re-watch Detroit Rock City and root for the douchebags, amirite?


  • FREE SONG STREAM: Benny Benassi – Cinema (Skrillex Remix)

[soundcloud url=”″]

I know you’ve all heard this before. If you haven’t, do yourself a favor and hit play. This remix has been circulating the rings for a while now. Most of us are familiar with it by now, but I took the liberty to remind you of this piece of musical mastery while I had the opportunity, since Sonny appeared  to be  in an uploading mood this week. So if you’ve never heard it, go ahead and catch up with the class. If you have heard it, I’m sure you can bear one more listen.


    • FREE SONG STREAM: Nero – Promises (Skrillex Remix)

[soundcloud url=”″]

You mean to tell me that Skrillex has gotten his hands dirty in some Nero? Just when I think I’m starting to to run dry on grade AAA bangers, a domecrusher like this comes down the spout. New Skrillex is like tasting your favorite food for the first time… I just can’t get enough of this stuff. It was already a great song, and Sonny just has a way of breathing renewed life into that which is already living strong.


  • FREE SONG DOWNLOAD: Doobie Brothers – Black Water (Love & Light Remix)

[soundcloud url=”″]

Uh oh! Here comes a mob of angry southern music purists! Quick, point the bass cannon at ‘em! This is so bouncy and awesome. It’s got southern roots, and it kicks like a Ginuwine Pony. It’s just too bad I’m not listening to it at a massive outdoor festival.


  • FREE SONG DOWNLOAD: Laidback Luke vs Example – Natural Disaster (Andy C Remix)

[soundcloud url=”″]

Nice remix, dude! The sounds good, and the vocals fit perfectly. It ramps up steadily, and unleashes with quick breaks and snappy snares. The wobble is large and fuzzy; it’s good, and the idea is well communicated, but I’m still wrestling with the sonic qualities of the bass. The upper end stuff is really good, but a little underrepresented. All in all, it’s very good. It feels very complete, and the theme well established and catchy. Good track.


  • FREE SONG DOWNLOAD: Water Borders – What Wi Want (Damu Remix)

[soundcloud url=”″]

More from Damu. This London player always sets off my radar. His works are tribal, earthy, and somehow galactic at the same time. The electronic instruments glide continuously, carrying you through on waves like a good trip. The textures light up in Damu’s work. It’s spacious and delicate, and the whole piece moves forward in time with a quickening pace that never hints at letting up.


  • FREE SONG DOWNLOAD: Wolfgang Gartner – The Champ (Bassex Remix)

[soundcloud url=”″]

Immediately, you can hear the Gartner synths piercing through the hazy sweeps, and plunging you headfirst into the gorefest that is this song. Bassex rips the clothing from Gartner’s song in tatters, and sinks his teeth in like a ravenous lycan. The sub bass contrast added to this already melodically flavorful work gives a great balance, and a deliciously heavy foundation to the  baroque-reminiscent  leads.


  • FREE SONG DOWNLOAD: AJ Hernz – Snap Back Swag (Crizzly Remix)

[soundcloud url=”″]

This starts out feeling a whole lot like Bassnectar’s “808 Track,” but then gets really filthy really fast. I’m talking serious crunk. Here’s a challenge: 1. Listen to this song at top volume 2. Try not to bob your head and stick your lips out in a frown. Couldn’t do it could you? Too damn crunk, I know!


  • FREE SONG DOWNLOAD: Andy’s iLL – Lifetime (La Musique D’Ordinateur Remix)

[soundcloud url=”″]

This is good. It certainly isn’t any better than that. The instruments are there, and individually they sound okay… But this thing is just not flowing as a whole. It’s free. And statistically speaking, he’s better than you are, so I’ll pass it on.


  • FREE SONG DOWNLOAD: Kaskade vs. Gorillaz – Steppin’ Out On Melancholy Hill (Max Vangeli & AN21 Mix) (Kaskade Mashup)

[soundcloud url=”″]

I have a hard time turning down a Kaskade track, and who doesn’t appreciate a little Gorillaz once in a while? Plastic Beach was sweet, and this was one of the most successful tracks off of that LP. Kaskade’s beat gets the blood pumping on Melancholy Hill. It’s not bassy, so sorry about that. But it is very good house music, and it’s free.


  • FREE SONG DOWNLOAD: Led Zeppelin – No Quarter (ChrisB Remix)

[soundcloud url=”″]

Yeah, this is what I’m talking about. Led Zeppelin songs are basically all begging for a good remix, but I can definitely understand why producers are wary to take up that heavy of a torch… Nobody wants to be the one that shat on a classic. A masterpiece like No Quarter ages like fine wine. So trust me when I tell you I personally taste-tested this one for poison, and it is indeed safe for the King to quaff.


  • FREE SONG DOWNLOAD: The 8th Note, Chrizz Luvly & William Clark – Falling For You (TON!C Bootleg)

[soundcloud url=”″]

This here is a great dance track. The melodies are poppy and uplifting. The vocals are perfectly hopeless. The electro beat takes you away on a train of euphoria like no other. TON!C did some seriously good work here.


  • FREE SONG DOWNLOAD: Example – Changed The Way You Kiss Me (Distantt Remix)

[soundcloud url=”″]
Chris Garcia, a.k.a. Distantt, is a 14 year old producer from Texas. He’s already got the right idea. I expect to see a lot more from this kid in the future. The arpeggios are dynamic and sweeping, and carry the song forward perfectly. The vocals fit great with the arrangement, and the synthwork is something of true talent. For a 14 year old, I have to say I’m very impressed. Honestly I would be impressed with any 20 year old with this capability.


  • FREE SONG DOWNLOAD: GTA ft. Zashanell – U & I (Reekon Remix)

[soundcloud url=”″]

Immediately, I love the vast piano and the jazzy, loungy chords. The vocals are impeccable- longing and innocent. The thick bass cuts in and dominates with style, and the thunky synths steal your attention away in all the right places. Nice work on the wobbles too; really the whole thing plays very nicely. The different layers seem to have plenty of elbow room with which to express themselves, and the drums carry the beat without being distracting.


  • FREE SONG DOWNLOAD: SGX – Coactive (Hollidayrain’s 2011 Remix)

[soundcloud url=”″]

Right off the bat, you’ll probably notice that this sounds a WHOLE lot like the song you just played. It’s kind of eerie, all of the elements of the pieces are very, very similar… Not just in essence, but in sonic quality, progression, everything. I won’t lie though, this one sounds a little higher on the audio-quality scale, and the drop is… kind of a lot better.


  • FREE SONG DOWNLOAD: DJ Pharmer – Hood Niggas VIP (Gorilla Zoe vs Pendulum Mashup)

[soundcloud url=”″]
I don’t know about DJ Pharmer. I already really liked the Pendulum song, so that may have had a strong influence on my positive response to this mashup. Don’t get me wrong, this is a good mashup. I think the idea of it is really solid, but in ways I think the execution was… a little rushed, perhaps? I’ll be honest. The rap vocals and the rest of the production get along like oil and penguins. They just don’t fit. There isn’t a hint of reverb, for one, which makes the whole rap feel juxtaposed and stagnant. There’s just no environmental ambiance to the rap, so it feels REALLY mashed up. The seams are clearly visible.



  • FREE SONG DOWNLOAD: Breathe Carolina – Blackout (kHoff Remix)

[soundcloud url=”″]

Something for the Breathe Carolina fans out there, check out this remix of “Blackout,” by kHoff. I know what you’re thinking, “Who the hell is kHoff?” Well I’m going to be honest with you, I haven’t the foggiest. His real name his Kyle Hoffnagle, and he’s from York, United States. Honestly, if you’d have asked me where York, United States was yesterday, I would have replied, “The New one, right?”


    • NEW SINGLE: 16 Bit – Dinosaurs

[soundcloud url=”″]

One last thing before we part ways, bassfiends. Wanna be cool? Well head right over to Beatport and grab up this new two-tracker from 16Bit. It’s top notch, and bottom dollar. Do it! Your coolness wanes!


Well, bassheads, my ears are ringing, my speakers are melting, and my neighbors are brooding… I think I did what I came here to do. I hope all of you are satisfied with the bass that I have presented before you today.  I’ll be back next week with yet another sick roundup of filthy, freaky, funky and fun tracks from the electronic end. As always, thanks again for coming back and sampling a bit of my wares!

Jake W

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