Found footage has firmly rooted itself into the modern filmscape and seems destined to remain a staple for years to come. Lucky for us, studios (and indie filmmakers) are slowly leaving the Blair Witch tactic behind in hopes of telling more “true” stories. Amber Alert is one such film and so far, it looks more promising than most.

The setup is simple enough. A few kids, armed with a camera, spot a car they believe to be involved in a breaking amber alert case. They decide, as all intelligent film characters do, to follow the car and see where it leads. As you can guess, shit (presumably) goes crazy.

According to Shock Till You Drop, Amber Alert still doesn’t have distribution, but the team behind it are hoping to secure something in the near future. Checkout the trailer for yourself after the jump and leave a comment letting us know if this looks like something you’d pay $10 to see.

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