Max Bemis Reopens Song Shop For A Limited Time

Say Anything frontman Max Bemis has reopened his custom song shop for a limited time.

In case you missed previous installments of the shop, the purpose of the store is to give fans the opportunity to purchase an original recording from Bemis, which is informed by them and their lives. For $150 ($75 for a half song), you can tell Bemis what is on your mind and he’ll churn out a track created with you in mind.

There are of course a few more details than this, so anyone interested should head here for a full rundown. If you simply want to hear about the shop from the man himself, click below and watch a quick introductory video.

Say Anything recently completed their forthcoming Equal Vision Records debut. No specific release for the album is available currently, but it is expected to arrive in early 2012.

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