STREAM: Jay-Z, Pharrell & Lana Del Rey – Allure (OTTR) (Urban Noize Remix)

By the title alone you can tell that this song will be your go-to record today. Florida brothers Urban Noize are back with a huge mash-up of Jay-Z and Pharrell’s hit “Allure,” adding in the amazing talents of sonstress Lana Del Rey. This song is the ultimate blend of soulful vocals, crisp flows and a huge mix of rap and pop. These guys know the perfect combination to get you out onto the dance floor.

Hypetrak aquired a statement from Urban Noize that can be seen by looking below. Be on the lookout for the next track from them and let UTG know what you think!

“The concept of this remix is built like Lana Del Rey is playing Jay-Z’s “Allure” while continually pleading him to come back to her. However, he, knowing the consequences, is reluctant to this at first but ultimately gives in.”

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