IT NEVER ENDS: Katy Perry In Talks For 3D Concert Film

The majority of music listeners may be sick of Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream, but apparently Paramount thinks differently.

The Hollywood Reporter reported earlier tonight that Perry has entered into discussion with Paramount about making a 3D concert film centered on the vocalist’s highly acclaimed live show. Details are still scarce and no director has been announced, but given the success Paramount found with Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never, this one seems poised to become a reality sooner than later. You can read the entire article, here.

I really thought our last few posts about Perry, coupled with poor sales of her remixes would be a enough to drive the recently divorced diva back into the studio, but it seems the powers that be are determined to keep cramming her down our throats for the foreseeable future. Are you interested in a Katy Perry 3D film? Comment below and let UTG know!

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