HOLY SH!T: Hornswoggle Is The New “Leprechaun,” Theatrical Release Planned

Twenty years after the original debuted in theaters, WWE films is planning to reboot the Leprechaun series with a star of their own.

Hitting theaters in March 2013 (Someone has to cash in on St. Patty’s Day at the box office, right?), WWE Films version of Leprechaun will star Hornswoggle, AKA David Postl, in the role original made famous by Warwick Davis. At this time, no director or plot details are available, but the studio has already contracted Postl for a sequel.

Before the internet surely loses its shit, think about just how “sacred” you truly consider the Leprechaun series. Even if the original is something every genre fan should witness, and though the sequel was fun, the potential for a new generation of filmmakers to tackle the character and his abilities with the assistance of modern technology is far more exciting than living in the cinematic past. We may be able to erase Leprechaun In The Hood and Leprechaun: Back 2 tha Hood from our memories for good!

While we wait for additional details on this film, click past the jump to enjoy the original film’s trailer, as well as some of Hornswoggle’s best moments.

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