The Ready Set Discusses Forthcoming Album

The Ready Set mastermind Jordan Witzigreuter took some time to talk about his forthcoming album, with Pop Crush, and the results are informative. Please take a look at what Witzigreuter had to say by looking below and view the entire article by simply heading here. We cannot wait to hear new material in the weeks to come.

How is the new material different from your previous work?
It’s shaping up to be a little bit better. It still sounds like what I do, but I think the songs are a little more unique. It’s hard to describe [laughs]. It’s maybe less straightforward electronic stuff, and a little bit cooler sort of sounds that I’ve been working with. I don’t want it to sound exactly like the rest of the stuff that’s on the radio. Electronic dance stuff is huge right now, so I’m trying to make songs that stand out from that and still have a unique, personal thing about them.

You said in an interview a few months ago that you might make things a little less electronic on this album. Is that how it’s turning out?
A little bit. The problem is whenever I say I want to do something, for some reason I end up doing the complete opposite. So it’s pretty electronic, but there’s all sorts of sounds. I want it to have its own thing. I want it to stand out from anything else that’s out there.

I feel like my method for writing songs is very much like … They’re almost written as rock songs first. Most of the songs are written with piano, just chords and vocals. I like to build up an electronic sound, a pop song around something like that, rather than just having a track and then writing some random thing over it.

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