Jeremy McKinnon Talks “Biggest” A Day To Remember Album, Addresses Solo Album Rumors

A Day To Remember frontman Jeremy McKinnon has cleared the air regarding rumors of ADTR’s future and his plans for a solo album.

Noisecreep brings us the exclusive, which forces those interested in details to watch a 10-minutes clip for answers, and the knowledge taken away is fantastic. Not only does McKinnon discuss how ADTR currently has more material ready for the next album than ever before, he also confirms that he has considered doing a solo record down the road. Again, TO BE CLEAR, he is thinking about doing a record and not currently working on one. You can hear (and see) Jeremy discuss his future, after the jump.

It’s not secret A Day To Remember will be releasing a new album at some point in 2012. Will it live up to their catalog? Only time will tell.

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