Jesse Lacey Discusses The Future Of Brand New

Yesterday fans of the indie rock outfit Brand New were thrilled to find out the band would be playing an additional show this weekend on Saturday at the Stone Pony. So excited that the show sold out within 5 minutes of the tickets going on sale. With an appearance at this year’s Bamboozle and scheduled studio time for this past April it seemed like a bright as future as ever for the group.

Considering everything the band has going on it was quite surprising to learn Jesse Lacey’s thoughts on the future of Brand New. In a Bamboozle feature in Newsday Magazine, Lacey discusses the uncertainty of the band moving forward and revealed that the band did not use their studio time in April collectively but rather each member visited the studio individually.

Although Lacey does not say that the band are breaking up or that they won’t ever release another record, it seems that the future of Brand New is a lot less bright than it appeared to be. Fans can check out a snippet of the interview below and can find the entire article here. Be sure to keep an eye out for more updates on the band as they become available and in the meantime be sure to catch the band at Bamboozle this weekend. 

By phone from his Suffolk County home, Lacey speaks earnestly but vaguely about the band’s future. Brand New booked studio time in April, and its members took advantage of it — but usually not together. “You start to lose that whole idea that it’s important for our band to be known as this entity. And we put a lot more importance on our individual fulfillment, really,” Lacey says. “In some ways a band can be limiting, especially after being in it for 10 to 12 years. It really has become a lot more about the friendship and the families we have with each other — and the idea that we can’t do this much longer.”

So what’s the band’s future? “Brand New is always going to be Brand New — I don’t think we’re ever going to say, ‘Hey, we’re never going to record a record again,’ ” Lacey continues. “But at the same time, there were things in the course of the band that we weren’t looking ahead to what the next record was going to be.”

At the least, Lacey confirms Brand New will still be together when it plays Bamboozle. “We’re playing the day that Bon Jovi is playing, and it’s just a total laugh. How does that make any sense whatsoever?” he says amiably. “You mention it in passing to your friends. Just the look on their faces: ‘What do you mean?’ ‘I don’t know, they asked us. So we’re going to do it.’ “

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