NOFX to Release New 7 inch, Instant Download for Pre-Order

Punk band NOFX announced a pre-order today for their new 7inch single “My Stepdad’s a Cop and My Stepmom’s a Domme,” which you can get here from Fat Wreck Records on June 19. Want to know the best part about pre-ordering this new 7 inch? You get an instant download of the single the second you buy it. That’s a great deal if we ever saw one.

NOFX is a punk band from Los Angeles, and they’ve been around for awhile. Consistently a fun listen, this song will prove to be no different than the others, filled with political ethos, funny jokes, and just straight up skate punk beats.

Will you be picking this up? What’s your favorite NOFX record? Let UTG know in the comments!

Tyler Osborne
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