HOLY SH!T: Jackie Chan Retires From Action Movies

It’s a dark day for action fans as legend Jackie Chan retires from being an action star. In his recent talks with TMZ, Jackie Chan explained “I tell you, I am not young any more … I am really, really tired.” At the age of 58, it’s easy to understand that the man is tired, but that doesn’t make this news any less shocking. For countless action aficionados and even the general public, Jackie Chan is the face of Asian action films, which makes this news even more saddening.

Jackie Chan has acted in 111 movies (according to IMDB), and it will be interesting to see where his movie career goes on from here. But from a staff of fans, Jackie Chan, we thank you for your commitment to doing absolutely rediculous and dangerous things for our entertainment.

Check out a video of one of Cinemassacre’s brief history lesson on Jackie Chan, as well as their Top 10 favorite moments.


Tyler Osborne
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