The Contortionist Announce Album Details

One of the best metal bands in the game, The Contortionist have announced the specifics on their upcoming sophomore effort Intrinsic.

Intrinsic is the band’s follow-up to their 2010 metal masterpiece Exoplanet and is set for release on July 17 via eOne/Good Fight Music. Regarding the new album, vocalist Jonathan Carpenter stated the following:

“On Intrinsic, we’ve found ourselves focusing on the songwriting as well as the new textures and melody we’re striving for. Each song has its own identity and flow, but the album is fun to listen through in order cause of the conceptual ties.”

UTG is highly anticipating The Contortionist’s next release. If you enjoy space-themed, ambient death metal crafted with talent and expertise, then you’ll definitely enjoy The Contortionist. You can check out their great pre-order packages on their merch page and view the track listing and artwork for Intrinsic immediately after the break.

Intrinsic track list:

1. Holomovement
2. Feedback Loop
3. Causality
4. Sequential Vision
5. Geocentric Confusion
6. Dreaming Schematics
7. Anatomy Anomalies
8. Cortical
9. Solipsis
10. Parallel Trance

Brian Leak
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