PoZ Exclusive With Pentimento

The four piece punk rock band from New York, Pentimento, has been diligently working away at creating their debut full length album. In an exclusive with Property of Zack, the group sits down and talks in depth about the release as well as two additional tracks that will be added to the record. You can check out the full statement from the band by heading heading to PoZ’s page.

Many of us are excited for this new Panic Records release, and if you have never heard of Pentimento before I recommend checking out their Facebook page with a few tracks from their EP.

Here is a quick excerpt from the statement, courtesy of Property of Zack.

Immediately after leaving the studio, I started working on some material that I got really excited about and decided to try and make a case to the other guys about putting these newer songs on the record. It was a pretty fleeting conversation in the van at first because we’ve got a lot to worry about at this point that include the usual suspects; van repairs, merch, tour schedules, when/how we’re going to put the record out/who it will come out with, and of course – the fact that we’ve already invested so much into tracking the 10 songs that were supposed to make up the record. It seemed like it’d be a long-shot to actually make another studio session work, and at first – I was ready to give up on the idea and just keep my fingers crossed that Absolutepunk would review it, and Thomas Nassiff would love it so much that he’d start tweeting about our record as much as he tweets about basketball. But the more I thought about it (the record thing, not the Thomas thing), the more I couldn’t ignore that if we didn’t do something pro-active, we weren’t going to be totally happy with the finished product…and in my head, there’s nothing worse than that. I don’t know if I’d ever be able to consider it truly “finished” one way or the other…but we’ve reached a unique position with the band where we’ve got no deadlines, no pressure, no nothing.

You can also scope out the artwork for the album as well, by heading to PoZ’s page. Let us know what you think and be sure to pick up a copy of their debut album once it’s available!

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