Emarosa Talks Future of the Band and Jonny Craig

Emarosa guitarist Jonas Ladekjae recently sat down with Mind Equals Blown and talked about where the band has been, where they are going, and how it was dealing with the Jonny Craig situation. It’s a really interesting interview piece that fans of the band should really check out. On the otherside of the coin, people who have been following the ever developing Jonny Craig story and his destructive behavior will also find this article a worthy read as it bring to light how Emarosa has been dealing with all of the drama that seems to follow Craig.

You can check out the full interview here, and read some snippets from the article after the break as well. What do you think of the Jonny Craig / Emarosa situation? Are you getting bored? Let UTG know in the comments what you think.

What is the singer situation? Do you guys have any leads for a replacement?

A few times we’ve been so close we could almost pack up the van and go! But it’s usually been relatively short-lived and then we’re back in the same place, a little more demoralized than before haha. We were all hoping the public announcement was gonna give us something undeniable, but the truth is we didn’t get what we’ve been searching for. A lot of great singers submitted, and we sent out a bunch of clips for people to sing over and return to us. Many did, more didn’t, and we ended up not feeling comfortable enough to move forward with any of them, so far.

We haven’t exactly made it easier for ourselves by having been so quiet about the whole process since Jonny left. No one knows what we’re looking for, because we haven’t released anything to show the direction we’re headed and where we are at, and therefore we receive more submissions from people trying to sound like Jonny than people being confident in their originality. The search continues.

as Jonny’s drug use a contributing factor in the decision to continue as a band without him? If so, does his current sobriety affect that decision? Is there any chance that he might be involved with Emarosa in the future?

Of course it was. It was spiraling out of control, and we had no experience with something like that and no clue of how to deal with it! All we could do at the time was watch it happen, and try and make the best decisions for the band. I’m truly happy to see that he’s sober! I will be honest and say I never thought I’d see the day, and because of that I’d say anything is possible.

Has Jonny reached out to anyone in the band since his recent time in rehab? How are current relations between him and the rest of the band?

ER [White, guitarist] and he have been in contact here and there, same with Jordan [Stewart, keyboardist]. Like I said I hadn’t talked to him at all, nor did I think I ever would up until yesterday, but a lot has changed since he left Emarosa. I was really angry with him back then, all the time, I couldn’t believe what was happening and I wanted to never be associated with that again, you know? Now, I think I have a better understanding of what he was going through and what made him do the things he did. I wish I could have been more of a friend for him than I was, and tried to help him instead of distancing him. It’s a relationship I’d like to improve, because the good times we had together as a band are the ones I remember now. The rest seem almost kind of laughable, if that makes sense.


Tyler Osborne
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