Real Friends Discuss Song Meanings

Pop punk outfit Real Friends have updated their fan base with an in-depth look at the meanings to their songs and UTG has the details through the jump. Please be sure to pick up the group’s Acoustic Songs EP through the link and share with your friends.

Check out the special meanings to the band’s songs right here and let us know if you personally connect with the lyrics as much as we do.


This song is about one of the lowest points in my entire life. Its about a situation I went through with an ex girlfriend of mine. At the time we had been broken up for almost a year. We didn’t talk at all the entire time we were split up. One day I called her because when you really love somebody they never leave your mind. She told me that she was dating somebody else. She also told me that she loved him. I felt devistated about it all. We continued to talk over the next few weeks. Within those few weeks we both had told each other that we did want to date again. The only problem was that she was dating another guy, but she still loved me. She kept telling me she didn’t know what to do about it. So I waited it all out, in hopes that everything would fall into place. I waited for months for it to all work out. I felt so terrible knowing there was a girl that I loved and she loved somebody else. She was torn between me and him. There was many points where we stopped talking in those months. But eventually she came to her senses and decided to leave him and date me again. It was the hardest two months of my life. I felt so low. There’s a line from the song that I wanted to mention as well. “Im not jealous of the trees next to my neighbor’s garage anymore.” This line refrences trees because they grow and change over the course of a year. Within that year I felt as if I wasn’t going to change or grow. I felt like I was going to stay at that low point forever. But everything always seems to work out eventually.

-Anchor Down

This one is on the mean side. This song is about not getting what you put in. There’s so many times in life that I have done things for people and they would never do the same for me. The line that says, “anchor down your feet, say fuck the past and everyone that dragged you here” is basically saying you should stand up and not sit around and feel sorry for yourself. You need to forget all the people in your past that have done you wrong and try move forward. If you just sit around and feel sorry for yourself, it can really blind you from the good things and good people around you. Putting yourself in that mind set can really make you lose appreciation for what others do or try to do for you.

-Keep It Together

This song is pretty straight to the point. This song is about drunk girls. You know those drunk girls that drunk text everyone and post about it all over facebook. I have never been a big party person or anything. But I have ran into girls in my life that think it’s lame that I don’t do that stuff. “I’d rather sleep with just my bony knees and the thought of someone that stands up straight.” That line refers to the girls that think it’s lame that I dont party. Bottom line is drunk girls suck, so I wrote a song about it.

-Everything I Never Want To Be

“I gave you chance after chance, and it’s obvious you haven’t tried at all” can sum it up the best for this song. Long story short, I dated someone for a little over a year and she did nothing but ditch me and screw me over. I felt like I was constantly taken advantage of and I was too stupid to even see it, which is where the line “you left me on the fence with nowhere to jump, since you always knew that my balance was as shitty as my judgement” came from. As stated in the first, she used college as a means to avoid all of her problems here at home. Maybe it’s working, maybe it isn’t. Either way, just another pop punk song about a girl.

-Home for Fall

This song is a very special song to me. It is about one of my best friends that moved away awhle back. He was going out to Virginia to visit a girl and ended up staying there for good. The line that says” so much has changed back home since you left without packing all your things” refers to him not knowing he was going to stay. If he knew he was going to stay, he would of packed all of his things. The song was written in September so that explains a lot of the refrences to the season of fall. “Whenever your missing home just look at your arm. You got the state lines inked into your forearm.” That line is talking about my friends tattoo. He actually has a tattoo of Illinois on his forearm. I like this song a lot because its easy to connect with. Even if we haven’t all had a friend move away, we have all lost someone in some sort of way.
Thanks for reading everyone.


-Kyle and Dan

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