DAMMIT(?): Jeff Daniels Confirms “Dumb And Dumber To” Is DEAD

A few months back the internet exploded for an hour or so over news that Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels had officially signed on to make a sequel to Dumb And Dumber. The film was set to shoot in August, but TMZ is now reporting that Jeff Daniels has proclaimed the film “dead” following the exit of Carrey (who thought the studio was not as excited about the project as he would have liked). Is this good news? Is it depressing? I guess at this point we will never really know what might have been, but I get the feeling the results would have been a bit mixed.

Carrey has not released anything worthy of praise as of late, so the only project I’m choosing to plug in absence of D&D2 two is Daniels’ leading role in HBO’s new series Newsroom which premieres this Sunday at 10PM. If you don’t have cable, rent any film he’s starred in over the last decade.

MORAL OF THE STORY: It’s hard to go wrong with Jeff Daniels.

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