DEADBEAT: Bubba Sparxxx Owes Hundreds Of Thousands To Federal Government

TMZ had originally reported days ago that southern rapper Bubba Sparxxx owed $30,000 in back taxes to the State of Georgia and now it seems the situation is ten times worse (maybe more). It looks like he owes hundreds of thousands to the IRS, on top of the state taxes. Do not worry though because Sparxxx plans on paying everyone with the success of his upcoming album. *Cough* Liar *cough*.

Read what Bubba told TMZ below and comment with your opinion on this terrible situation.

“I was having a good time and just wasn’t attentive to a lot of issues. My main issue was Mr. Tax Man, which I neglected because of doing things I had no business doing.”

“This past year I have now changed all of that, he added. “I have stopped partying and hanging out…I got a tax lawyer and a business account to get my tax situation handled. I plan on paying my debt with my new album.”

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