Senses Fail Frontman Writes Open Letter To His Former Self

Senses Fail’s Buddy Nielsen has released a letter he wrote to his former self. Considering the recent release of SF’s greatest hits package, the timing could not be more perfect, but it’s the simplistic truths Buddy chooses to share that helps this one his home. You can read his letter below:

Dear Buddy,

The guy second on the left says stop being such an asshole. The older you get, the better life will get, please keep that in mind as you grow. First off, I know you are from that shithole New Jersey but you don’t have to yell when you talk, please remember that. It’s also not the greatest place in the world. It’s not bad but there are other places you will grow to love. Just don’t tell anyone from New Jersey that, they will never be ready to hear it.

I can see that you like getting tattoos, by now you will have amassed about forty five. Just want to let you know that most of them now look fucking stupid. Especially the vagina monster grim-reaper with the dick in place of the sickle, you know, the one you affectionately titled ‘Quifer Sutherland’. Not to mention all those little stars and dots you wanted everywhere, well they have now warped into circles. Remember the four penises you got tattooed on your leg? Yup, they are still here! Oh, and don’t ever let your friend Shawn tattoo you again with the tattoo machine he made from his mom’s sewing kit, thanks. Also, when you get a chance to take that trip to Mexico, don’t eat the tongue tacos from the street cart, it will turn out very very bad.

That girlfriend you thought you were going to get married to? Well, you didn’t. You did however spend four thousand dollars on a designer handbag to make up for the fact that she caught you cheating on her. In the future you will learn that if you want to cheat on someone, just break up with them. It is the honest thing to do and less expensive.

Trust me on this one, your early 20’s are going to be a trying time but as soon as you hit 25 it’s gonna be fucking awesome. Apart for the fact that you will start to get insanely hungover. Even drinking four beers is going to set you down a dark path for the morning, so drink up while you’re still young.

On a serious note, you’re a good person, just rough around the edges. The sands of time will start to smooth you out, be open to the change and don’t be too hard on yourself. Enjoy the present.

Older Buddy

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