The Maine Release Free Live EP

Pop rockers The Maine have release a free live EP, entitled The Pioneer North American Tour (Live EP), and can be downloaded by simply clicking right here. Please be sure to read an official statement from Pat and The Maine below and be sure to download this special offering before it is too late!

“Hello everyone it’s Pat from The Maine thanks for downloading the Pioneer North American tour live EP. We have been home for a few weeks now so I have been able to look back on the tour a little bit and I really feel that it was a special tour. Lydia and Arkells were great bands to share the stage with and even better people to hang out with. Most importantly I want to thank all of you who came to a show you are really the reason we had so much fun and were able to make it through such a long tour. This tour was the longest tour we have ever done but it did not feel that way at all. We can not thank you enough for the support over the past five years and we want you to keep this EP as a memory of a night which hopefully for you was at the very least a good time with friends. Lydia and Arkells are such great bands and even better live so I hope you enjoyed watching them as much as I did.
Until next time…

-Pat and The Maine”

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