Parkway Drive Interviewed In The Studio

Alternative Press recently sat down with vocalist Winston McCall of Australian metalcore group Parkway Drive to discuss the band’s direction on their coming fourth studio album and why they chose producer Matt Hyde (Slayer, Hatebreed). Please read a small excerpt from the interview below and continue to read what McCall had to say by reading the entire article.

So we’re talking about a more atmospheric set of songs?
Yeah, those elements from Deep Blue will be present to a much greater degree. With the atmospheric stuff on this record, there’s so much more layering, and so much more depth to it. But the heavy stuff… I’m saying all these things about “new elements,” and people are probably thinking that it’s going to be soft, but the heavy stuff on this record is so stupidly heavy, it’s ridiculous. I think when the first single drops, people will realize that Parkway haven’t gone backwards in terms of heaviness. Our playing has improved, too. Even the simplest stuff—when it comes down to just the four elements of guitar, bass, drums and vocals—all of that has been taken to a degree that’s way, way more advanced than anything we’ve done in the past.

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