MUSIC VIDEO: Two Door Cinema Club – “Sleep Alone”

Indie rockers Two Door Cinema Club have released the music video for their new song “Sleep Alone” and can be viewed right here on Under The Gun Review!

This song is off of the group’s upcoming album, Beacon, which arrives in stores September 3 through Kitsune/Glassnote. Read about lead singer Alex Trimble’s drug-related dreams below and comment with your thoughts on the message of the video.

“I have a terrible time sleeping when I get off tour,” he said. “It’s horrible. So I was smoking a little bit every night before I went to bed and it was really influencing what happened when I was asleep.

I ended up having these really crazy dreams. I started reading about dreams and got really interested in lucid dreaming when you have full control over your dreams – you realise you’re dreaming, but within your dream it also feels like the real world. There’s a little of that in the song, but I never achieved it.”

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