Becoming The Archetype Release ‘I Am’ Album Teaser

Christian progressive death metal outfit Becoming The Archetype have unleashed their official album teaser for I Am and UTG is extremely impressed. Not to mention that the album artwork looks completely badass.

The group’s effort is due to hit stores September 18 through Solid State Records.

Click through to watch this insanely good trailer for Becoming The Archetype’s I Am and view the specific song listing as well. UTG cannot wait to listen to the album when it hits stores!

1. The Ocean Walker (starts at 0:07)
2. The Time Bender (starts at 0:38)
3. The Eyes of the Storm (starts at 1:08)
4. The Sky Bearer (starts at 1:39)
5. The Machine Killer (starts at 2:09)
6. The War Ender (starts at 2:40)
7. The Weapon Breaker (starts at 3:10)
8. The Planet Maker (starts at 3:40)
9. The Sun Eater (starts at 4:11)
10. I Am (starts at 4:41)

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