Hatebreed Receives Apology Letter From Anti-Defamation League

Last week on CNN, Hatebreed were pinned by the Anti-Defamation League as being a white-power/violence-promoting band. Now that the dust has settled, Hatebreed received an apology letter from the organization stating how deeply sorry they are for mistakingly identifying them as a racist group.

Please read the apology letter to Hatebreed by looking below and comment with your thoughts. At least the organization had the balls to stand up and admit they were wrong.

“The Anti-Defamation League is deeply sorry for mistakenly including your band, Hatebreed, in an opinion piece we did for CNN about white supremacist hate bands.

“Hatebreed should not have been mentioned. As soon as the error was brought to our attention, we corrected the piece by removing the reference to Hatebreed. We sincerely regret that your band was referred to in our piece and fully recognize that Hatebreed is not a purveyor of white supremacist, racist ideology.

“We also apologize to your loyal fans who were justifiably disturbed by seeing Hatbreed included in the piece”

The band then responded on Twitter stating, “Thank you Lonnie & @ADL_National for the letter of apology to us & our fans.”

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