That’s Outrageous! Stream ‘Psycho’

That’s Outrageous! will release their new album, Psycho, this coming Tuesday. To give fans an early taste of what they’ve waited for all this time, the band and their label have teamed to stream the entire album in advance of its release. You can stream Psycho by clicking through the “Read more” link below.

If you recall, UTG reviewed Psycho last week. In her piece, staff writer Kriston McConnell wrote:

Overall, [Psycho] is just a little underwhelming. They mean well, but that’s really only part of what it takes to put out a solid record. If you are looking for the pop-like, dubstep kind of music to add to your library then you will probably want to give this album a whirl. If you are looking for a band that will reinforce your passion for post hardcore music then steer clear.

Do you agree? After listening to the stream below, comment and let us know if Psycho is something you’ll be adding to your collection in the coming weeks!

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