Finch Sell Out Reunion Show In Forty Minutes, To Tour?

Post-hardcore band Finch reunited recently for two shows: one at the Glasshouse in California on February 1, and a second in the UK in March. The first re-union show sold out this morning in less than forty minutes.

Does this necessarily mean they’re going to tour? No. But the band’s Facebook page asked fans where they would see them play (with the most popular choice being New York City, and one choice being “Does the pope shit in the woods?“). This, combined with the theme of What It Is To Burn‘s tenth anniversary makes me think they may have a few more shows up their sleeve. Between New Found Glory, The Starting Line, and Taking Back Sunday‘s tenth anniversary tours, can’t one be optimistic? Again, this doesn’t necessarily mean they’re going to tour… but I’m hopeful. Maybe I’m just hopeful because I love Finch. Time will tell if there’s more coming.

Dan Bogosian
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