Hit The Lights Frontman Opens Up About Thief Club Side-Project

Hit The Lights‘ frontman Nick Thompson has written a letter to fans explaining the nature of his new side-project, Thief Club. Thompson touches on wanting to put out music that inspires him, not answering to any labels, and the music business.

He recorded his songs for Thief Club with producer Rob Freeman and is planning on releasing EPs every couple of months. Check out the message from Nick Thompson below and please be sure to watch out for when A Loss For Words, Hit The Lights, State Champs and more invade your city. Routing can be found here.

“Thanks to all who have been checking out the Thief Club stuff, and a HUGE thanks to those who have bought it and/or donated towards it! I feel that I should make a statement regarding Thief Club, in order to add clarity to something that people could misinterpret. I have been a member of Hit The Lights for 8 years now, and I am proud of what we’ve accomplished as a band. For those of you who have known us, and stuck with us over the years, you know that it’s always been a continuous uphill struggle. Regardless of the issues involved with singers, label troubles, etc, we have always managed to get by and keep releasing music that we love. However, the industry, business side, and personal aspects of being in a band all come along with that. Thief Club is my answer to all of it. It is just a mentally cleansing project for me. I’m tired of waiting to release songs, trying to market things, and worrying about being involved with the most beneficial tours. I just want to create and record music. I want to release music. I want to get my thoughts out, without having to answer to anyone but myself. I feel that in order to properly grow as an artist and song writer, I need to get these songs off of my chest, and it starts now. People have mentioned starting up a Kickstarter, and I think that it can be a great thing. However, at the same time, it’s just not something I feel comfortable being involved with at this point. Honestly, I have trouble asking others for help; I’d rather show people what I am capable of myself. I worked hard at a job, and saved up money to record some songs. My good friend, Rob Freeman, took a BIG cut and recorded the songs for much cheaper than he ever should have, while Kevin helped me out with drums and stuff. I’ve decided to call this Thief Club because the name has been stuck in my head since I heard it on an episode of South Park. It just felt right. I feel that I need to get back to baseline, and release music purely because it’s what I love to do. I hope that if you like it, you will support me so I can continue to make more (I promise, no matter what, that I’m going to continue). My goal is to start releasing EPs every few months. Will I be able to accomplish that goal? I don’t know, but maybe I can make enough to support Thief Club, successfully. I guess if people connect with it enough, I can fulfill that goal. With that being said, Hit The Lights is going to be doing an awesome east coast headlining tour with A Loss For Words, With The Punches, and State Champs, and you should DEFINITELY get tickets before they are gone. We have something special in mind that I think people are going to be REALLY FUCKING stoked on. If you pre-order here, you can get free stuff, too. This includes an unreleased song, and, god dammit, that’s pretty fucking cool! Thanks for reading, and thanks to all who have been coming to the All Time Low tour dates. We’ve said some pretty horrible things on stage, and you freaks still laugh. Thanks for reading, the songs are below:


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